Q. Are you really buying an island?
A. No, at least not yet. Any property we choose will be voted on by the shareholders. For now the choice is looking to be a campground in Ohio.

Q. Where is Juggalo Island?
A. The property is 50 minutes from Cleveland in  Wellington OH. 

Q. What does shareholder mean?
A. A shareholder is an investor in a company that buys a piece of the company and owns a stock certificate to represent their ownership in the company.

Q. What proof will I get to show I own this company? 
A. When you pay on paypal you will get an email receipt and when you deposit in our Wells Fargo account, you will receive a receipt from them. In the future, we will have stock certificates printed for our shareholders.

Q. What do I get for being an owner?
A. Perks of ownership starts with free forum access to our upcoming website, and a vote in how the company is ran, and by whom it is ran by and which property we are buying plus profits back in the form of a dividend when we are earning a profit.

Q. What if something changes along the way and I don’t like how the project is turning out?
A. We have a 100% money back guarantee. If you decide you don’t like the direction of the project, you can have all your money back.

Q. What is a dividend?
A. A dividend is a payment from a company to its shareholders to thank it for investing in the company. Almost all companies pay a portion of the profits back to shareholders. Think of it as getting paid back for lending a homie money, except you get it paid back as long as you own it. 

Q. How do I know this project will make money?
A. The first choice property is already making about $150,000 a year. If we can make it a music venue and expand the campground, it is felt we can make much more per year. When the profits for the place goes back to the shareholders, you can spend it however you want. 

Q. Why doesn’t ICP just buy this for us?
A. We wouldn’t feel like we own it if someone bought it for us. We want it, we should earn it. No free rides!

Q. Won’t this be seized as gang property?
A. We hope not, we are not a gang and this company is open to public ownership. Further, our shareholders are anonymous under Delaware state law. If the property was unfairly categorized, our shareholders list will remain private. We hope to have enough money to afford legal representation in the unlikely event that this property faced legal trouble. 

Q. I want to invest but am waiting on a larger sum of money to jump in with a bunch of shares.
A. We applaud your enthusiasm and can’t wait for you to be a part of this company. You can always add shares later. The more homies we have helping from the inside the better. All the shareholders want to contribute thousands, but most of us started with $2. Get comfortable with the company and add some more later. Just don’t sit on the fence, get in here and help us mold the direction of the project.

Q. I understand I will get more shares of the profits for having extra shares. How about extra votes for those extra shares. If I own 10 shares, can I have 10 votes?
A. Sorry but more profits and some extra perks for being a larger shareholder is all we are offering. From the president down in the company we will all have one vote. You can’t buy yourself more influence around here. This is a family project and we want everyone to have a say, even if you only have $2.

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