Shareholder Information


Shareholder Information

This page will be updated soon with information on our move to Wyoming. Jan 28 2018

Ok so by now you’ve read a little about the Juggalo Island project and how “IT’S NOT AN ACUTAL ISLAND”and you’re comfortable enough with the project to learn how you could possibly become a shareholder.  Since you’re interested in becoming a part of this business you should probably understand who we are.

In May of 2014 this project began organizing with less than 100 shareholders. We as the founding lo’s and lette’s of Juggalo Island realized that this has the potential to become something very big so we voted on a Board of Directors that would carry the company through our incorporation and fundraising. (get to know your board) ​ In June of 2014 The Butterfly Corporation was formed.  A Delaware based property development C Corporation.

The Butterfly Corporation was formed with 1,000,000 shares with a $2 par.  Once the property is purchased, developed and any additional loans/ startup costs are paid back Juggalo Island will begin to turn a profit. That profit will be divided equally amongst the shares, called dividends (your own profit).

So other than dividends and helping make this dream a reality are there any other Perks to becoming a shareholder? 

YES!  You get a vote!!! Understand as of right now we are in the fundraising phase and not much of that is going on, but once funds are raised and actual decisions start getting made there will be votes amongst the shareholders.  EACH SHAREHOLDER GETS ONE VOTE! We are keeping this fair amongst the family. If you own 1 share you get one vote, if you own 500 shares you get one vote.  This is to prevent any ‘suits’ from monopolizing our voting and ruining it for the lot of us.  When it comes to votes in the future other perks for shareholders can be voted in as well, like who would like early entry into the gathering? Who want’s a road, a lake, a pond or building named after yourself or your organization?Once again possibilities are endless. Anything Else? At certain caps you receive special thanks from us!  For example we are rolling out a program where at 50 shares we will actually send you a physical stock certificate framed with your name on it, and you will have the option to advertise your business right here on our site for free! ​ ​ Any other questions?

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  1. jaytone says:

    I am intrigued ? no doubt… I am so anxious to be that ninja that everyone calls upon… Cats Broke? Where WiKiT?
    Puter Broke? Where WiKiT?
    Need a smoke? Where WiKiT?
    You get the jist ? Where WiKiT?

    I hope really though to be the master engineer for the sound and electrical of the whole facility and maintenance ninja and events coordinator etc the ninja that has the hard job of hiring hemp and teaching them how to do proper sound check and putting it all together with things like a 20 stack speaker system hosted to its respective position with a crane… That ninja that does the final inspection of that shit and inspector to the final repairs of things as well like broken pa component I will be responsible for the warrantee and repair or replacement of the components and I be the ‘ like I said’ master engineer to run and record the love shows, mixers, media (audio/video) etc. Transport and safety of employees and instruments and tech like; The computers, MIC’s, lights etc. You get the jiff ? and when I’m not doing that I’m hopefully raising my family there kickin it back in my 5 story funhouse widda maze… The amazing maze ? (yeah I know originally it’s maid, yeah I’ll talk her, and a sip of Faygo too! WHOOT!) and the amazing maze btw would be inspired by ICP’s Amazing Maze and hopefully one day built in real life by me to the exact specifics of the story. ? Much Clown Love y’all, whoop WHOOP!

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